PCB Design Service Information :

We are a PCB Design Service Bureau active for the past 30 years. The support of Client's has enabled us to upgrade our service, gain experience & insight such that the layout is correct the first time. A cost effective service for product development efforts is being supported by details of our Design and Manual Routing Service.

A rare aptitude and ability to educate and learn after formal education has been stopped are our real inherent strengths coupled with a desire to upgrade.

Service, Quality, CAD Compatibility, Experience and a Short turn around time will be the essence of our participation with your Product Development Team.
We Support and Partner with Clients to work as a Offsite Design Team and do provide them with a Dependable PCB Design Source.
From 1981-85 designed PCB's with Ink and Tape, 84-85 migrated to CAD.

We are in this field from 1983 and have migrated from and to various CAD Tools. Since we are not fixed on any specific tool, due to our mindset, we can easily adapt to the clients need as the time changes.

Processed Multi-Layer PCB's with mixed components on both the sides.

Experienced in High Speed Designs with Differential / Controlled Impedances
Autorouter is used to evaluate the goodness of placement & density of routing.

Manual routing & DFM is followed with post routing cleanup.

We have autorouted multilayer PCB's only to complete the direct connections or to evaluate the goodness of placement.
Team Spirit, Aptitude and Ability to learn are our real strengths.
Cards Designed :

Data Acquisition System / PLC's.                         CNC Control / Test & Measuring.
Power Supplies LINEAR / SMPS.                         Image processing / Video Cards.
X-ray / Ultra Sound Imaging.                                 Lift Control Cards / DPM.
Printers/Typewriters/Keyboards.                         Rugged Industrial PC xxx86.
Single Board PC / Interface cards.                      SCSI / DSP Cards / PCI Cards.
EPBX Exchanges / Telephones.                          Gerber to PCB Database.
PC based comm cards / Modems.                        Pentium II with AGP Chipset
VME Graphics/CPU/19" M'boards.                       AC-DC Drives / Softstart.
Diff / Controlled Impedance Design.                   Network Routers and Network PC
LAN Cards / T1E1 / T3E3 / Uplink.                        Hubs and Switches
High Speed Designs.                                             Defence related Products
PCI, cPCI, cPCIe, PMC Cards                               Compact PCI Express
Embedded Controller Cards                                 SSD and HDD VPX Carrier Systems
And Many more.                                                      More to Come ................

            Non-disclosure Agreement is always implied and acceptable.
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